2 West: The Nation We Build Together

Opening in 2017


the Nation’s

For the past decade, the National Museum of American History has carried out an ambitious, multi-phase plan to transform its historic structure on the National Mall by renewing its exhibitions and integrating them into a thematic presentation. 
The first phase, completed in 2008, included architectural and infrastructure improvements in the central core and the construction of a new gallery for the Star-Spangled Banner, the flag that inspired the national anthem. 
The next phase of the Museum’s transformation includes a $120 million renovation to the west wing to create new spaces for exhibition galleries and educational programs. 
The second floor—the Museum’s main floor—will feature the Hall of Democracy, home of the new American Democracy exhibition; Unity Square, an interactive programming venue with views of the National Mall; as well as a changing gallery and an exhibition on American immigration and migration. Construction began in late 2012, and the wing will reopen in phases beginning in 2015.


Floorplan for 2 West