Experience Design

The Experience Design Team facilitates meaningful personal experiences and conversations with the more than 4.5 million visitors to the National Museum of American History each year. We engage and inspire visitors through history, sparking dialogue with as many people as possible, building relationships with visitors through personal interactions, and facilitate hands-on learning, all resulting in a lively, active, and provoking museum experience. Experience Design accomplishes its goals through the collaborative support of more than 600 staff, volunteers, and interns.

Experience Design includes the Department of Visitor Experience, which strives to offer visitors a pleasant and rewarding experience from the moment they first approach the building through the moment they exit. We orient visitors to the building and provide information about exhibitions, programs, services, and amenities. We also coordinate initiatives to ensure that all staff members provide visitors with a high level of customer service.

Ongoing Experience Design educational programs include museum tours, talks, hands-on Object Project carts, interactive experiences, History Alive! theater programs, cooking demonstrations, film programming, American Experiments activities, and Wegmans Wonderplace, the first exhibition on the National Mall designed for children 0 to 6.

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Director, Experience and Program Design and Director, Program in African-American History and Culture
Visitor Experience Assistant

Emma Grahn

Object Project Lead Facilitator
Program Manager
Food and Agriculture Programs Manager
Program Coordinator
Education Specialist, School and After-school Programs
Visitor Experience Manager
Experience Design Assistant