Division of Home and Community Life

The Division of Home and Community Life uses scholarship and collections to educate and inspire a broad audience about domestic and social environments and the intersections between public and private life in our nation's past. The division cares for its collections and develops them to represent the country's many peoples. Through collecting and research, division staff produce and contribute to publications, exhibitions, and other forms of public history. Staff of the division collect, research, and disseminate information in the areas of home life, gender identity, life cycles, lifestyles and family structure, work, patterns of domestic production and consumption, standards of cleanliness and health, diverse forms of housing, modernization and the role of technology, invention, leisure, community institutions, religion, and education. For areas of specialization, please see the staff listing below, and the collections link.

Division of Home and Community Life: Collections

The Home and Community Life Collections span an exceptionally broad range of American history subjects.


Curator Emerita
Curator Emeritus
Curator Emerita

Christine Klepper

Museum Technician
Lilly Endowment Curator of American Religious History
David M. Rubenstein Curator of Philanthropy
Associate Curator

Laura Simo

Museum Specialist
Museum Technician
Deputy Chair and Curator
Chair and Curator