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Julian Stanczak: Decades of Light, State University of New York, Buffalo, Poetry & Rare Book Collection, (co author) 1990.
Paul Manship, Smithsonian Institution Press, 1989.
Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Taschen Verlag (Cologne, Germany, 1991) editions in German, French, English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Danish (Japanese edition in press); abridged edition 1993; Hungarian, 1994; hardcover reprint 1997; second, compact, edition 2003.
"Phil Curtis," American Dreamer (New York: Hudson Hills Press), Contributor, 1999.
"William Scharf: History Painter", essay in Phillips Collection, Washington D.C., November 2000 for the exhibition William Scharf: Paintings 1984–2000.
Color: Suite In Four Parts, DOV Press, Washington, D.C. 1993.
Ulysses Kay: A Bio-bibliography. Compiler. Greenwood Press, 1994.

The work includes a biography, bibliography, discography, and list of works and performances, celebrating the achievements of one the most prominent 20th century African American composers.

For the Glory of God: A Brief History of Page's Chapel, Later Known as St. Thomas' Church, Croom, Prince George's County, Maryland, 1732-1995 Colonial Press, Birmingham, AL, 1995
"Bring Your Friends": A Brief History of the Chapel of the Incarnation, St. Thomas' Episcopal Parish, Brandywine, Prince George's County, Maryland Washington, DC, 2001
"The Correspondence of Charles Eversfield of Denne Park, and the Rev. John Eversfield of Maryland" Horsham Heritage, Issue No. 4, pgs. 41-49, Autumn 2001
The Naylors of Woodborough: The Stories of Some Descendants of George Nailor, 1655-1734 Rowe, Josephy Y. et al. The Naylors of Woodborough: The Stories of Some Descendants of George Nailor, 1655-1734. Washington, D.C.: Anchovy Hill Press, 2013.

"There is the old adage that you don't know where you are going until you know where you have been. In The Naylors of Woodborough, the authors have traced the journey of their immigrant ancestor, George Nailor, from Yorkshire, England to colonial Maryland where he established his first farm, Woodborough. Subsequent generations built upon George's legacy establishing farms and businesses in Maryland and across America. The Naylor story follows several themes common to the settling and development of the United States--immigration, upward mobility, westward expansion, connectoin to the land, and community and military service. This volume presents not only extensive genealogical information about various branches of the family but also casts that information in a larger historical context. The authors have painstakingly rsearched official records and original documents in the United States and United Kingdom, compiled oral family histories, and related personal ancedotes to share interesting stories about this particluar family and their American experience."

St. Thomas' Parish Register, Croome, Prince George's County, Maryland, 1849–1906. Bowie, MD: Heritage Press, 1998.
Exhibits in Archives and Special Collections Libraries Lacher-Feldman, Jessica. Exhibits in Archives and Special Collections Libraries. Chicago, IL:  Society of American Archivists, 2013.

"In Exhibits in Archives and Special Collections Libraries, longtime special collections exhibits curator Jessica Lacher-Feldman advises archivists at all levels on developing enlightening and entertaining exhibits. She describes each step of the exhibit process, providing straightforward tips on:

  • Developing innovative exhibit ideas
  • Formulating exhibit policies and procedures for your institution
  • Crafting well-written and visually interesting exhibit labels
  • Branding and designing exhibits
  • Promoting exhibits through conventional media, social media, and give-away items

Also included are case studies that detail exhibits at a variety of institutions, sample documents and forms, a literature review, and a guide to exhibit supplies.

Exhibit development doesnt have to be complicated or overwhelming. With this comprehensive resource, youll learn how to develop exhibits that help you to better connect with your audience and advocate for your repository. “Proceed and be bold” with exhibit development, and gratifying, inspiring results will transpire.

Chapter 13: Stonewall: Fortieth Anniversary, 1969-2009, CASE STUDY ONE: An Exhibit at the Archives Center, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian by Frankln A. Robinson, Jr."

“The Great Gallup Coal Strike of 1933,” co-authored with Richard E. Ahlborn, in Hispanic Arts and Ethnohistory in the Southwest: New Papers Inspired by the Work of E. Boyd, edited by Marta Weigle, with Claudia Larcombe and Samuel Larcombe, Ancient City Books and the University of New Mexico Press, 1983.
The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden, co-authored with Lonnie Bunch, Spencer Crew, Mark Hirsch, Smithsonian Institution Press, 2000.
Between a Rock and a Hard Place: A History of American Sweatshops, 1820–Present, co-authored with Peter Liebhold. UCLA Asian American Studies Center and Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum of Tolerance, 1999.
Design for Victory: Posters on the American Home Front, 1941–1945, co-authored with William Bird Jr., Princeton Architectural Press, 1998.
“Bringing Sweatshops into the Museum,” co-authored with Peter Liebhold. In Sweatshop USA, edited by Daniel E. Bender and Richard A. Greenwald, Routledge, 2003.
“Good History is Not Enough,” Perspectives, Vol.38, No. 5, May 2000.
“Welcoming Workers,” Museum News, November 1990.
“In Pursuit of the Labor Vote: Presidential Campaign Material at the National Museum of American History,” Labor's Heritage, Summer 1996.
“Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The National Museum of American History’s Exhibition on Sweatshops, 1820–Present,” co-authored with Peter Liebhold, Labor's Heritage, Spring 1998.
Abraham Lincoln: An Extraordinary Life, Smithsonian Books, 2008.
“With Hammer in Hand: Working Class Occupational Portraits,” in American Artisans: Crafting Social Identity, 1750-1850, edited by Howard B. Rock, Paul A. Gilje, and Robert Asher, Johns Hopkins Press, 1995.
“Symbols and Images of American Labor: Dinner Pails and Hard Hats,” Labor's Heritage, July 1989.