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I was born in 1934. I wrote a story which is published about the Feedbag dress I made for a 4-H competition around 1946. It won first place and was displayed in a store window in the county seat in SE PA for 3 months. I do not have a picture of the dress, but vividly remember the pattern style and obtaining the bag material with flowers on a pink background.. I do not have a picture because I wore it so much I wore it out. I do have the ribbon I won. I wrote a story about the feedbag dress and it has been published three times in the following places: "Out of the Cradle" Magazine, Fall, 1996; "Fellowship Link" Magazine, Fall, 2002; and "Echoing Memories", Faithful Life Publishers, 2014, page 81, ISBN 978-1-63073-034-5.