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"I lived with my maternal grandmother, paternal grandparents and for a while with my great-grandparents. The men had both been born just before the turn of the century, and the women within the following 20 years. It is amazing the different uses the women had for the sackcloth. My Greatgrandma Edna (b 1901) used in for "housecoats " if she was going to be at home all day she would wear one of these in the summer, in the winter she might wear it over her dress.My Grandma Leona (b 1910) used it for every pot holder, apron, basket lining and dishrag she had. she would deck it out with rickrack and ribbons to make her kitchen pretty.My Grandma Nila (b 1926), however was ashamed to let anyone see it. It meant you were poor and low class. She still used it though. As a lining for the dresses she made or pieces in her quilts. The potholders she made were several layers of this fabric which she would then knit a cover for. She used it anywhere it wouldn't show. This fabric is still available, I see it when I go to my local mexican market. I always consider buying the cornmeal/beans/flour that it is used for just to get the fabric... but since I don't bake much nor cook the volume of beans required to make it reasonable I have refrained. "