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" I grow up in Mississippi till 20 years old. My mother remarried to the manager of auditorium and planetarium of Jackson, MS. I meet Jim and had a feather of big bird at 1980 or 81. At 19 years old I worked on a delivery truck that my father ran the largest lumber yard in Mississippi at the time. It was in the summer and on lunch break that I had only water was tied and sad of my place in life. I was leaning against a stone monument under a tree beside a man made canal in the Delta. I was thinking how sad that I was the boss's son being punished for being me. I gather up the strength to wonder what this cooler stone was on the other side under the oak tree that had the limbs almost to the ground. Jim Henson's was at the same spot when he thought of Kermit the frog. I was happy and the thought of food left my discomfort suddenly. I knew all will be o.k. and life is a roller coaster ride. Enjoy when its hear and appreciate the moment in hand. I lost the feather in house fire. Jim was very nice to me and liked my mom for setting up the tour in the states. "