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"This quilt was gifted to Eugene Austin Teter's wife Martha Anne "Mattie " Brown for her service to this country in World War I. She grew up on a Cherokee Nation reservation with her Native American father Larkin Brown and W+hite mother Tannie near Welch, Oklahoma and served from 12 Oct 1917 through 31 Jan 1919 before she married Eugene Teter. George Teter honored his grandsons' wife for her service as George Teter had served in the Union Army during the Civil War. George Teter was descended from Capt. Samuel Gibson Teter, a revolutionary patriot who served under General Washington and was a Captain during the Indian Wars. Capt. Samuel Gibson Teter's father was of Scottish descent and mother was half Native American from a High Ranking Christian Tuscaroa Family.It is this rich history that Eugene Austin and Martha Anne Brown Teter have richly blessed us with. I am descended from Capt. Samuel Gibson Teter, Jan 1735 - 16 Oct 1823 through his son George Andrew Teter. "