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"I was born in 1935 and well remember the adorable dresses Mom made for me and shirts and pants she made for my older Brother. I was blessed to have a Father that worked all of his life for the Flour Mills of America in Kansas City, MO, Valier &Spies Co in St. Louis which was later purchased by Pillsbury Company and later by Archer Daniels Co. He also worked for Pillsbury in Alton, IL. I have pictures of Mom and family members in their flour sack dresses and thank God that she knew how to sew so we had nice clothes to wear to church and everyday play. I vividly remember embroidering tea towels as a child made from flour sacks and the many quilts made using the pretty flour sacks and the added material that used to be on the end of the flour sacks. Times were tough but my memory is love, faith, patriotism all thanks to God, Mom & Dad.Eleanor McAdams Preston"