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"My Mother was born in 1922 on a farm in NC. Their were 6 children two boys and four boys. My grandmother made all of their clothes out of seed sacks. When she would tell me that I would always think they were a rough burlap. Until I saw some photos of them as children wearing the feed sacks. Some of my older cousins even have their photos taken wearing the feed sacks. My Grandmother was a beautiful seamstress her quilts were made out of the scraps from the dresses so they sometimes did not follow a pattern. I have some of the quilts the were even seen together with tobacco twine to save on sewing thread. My Grandfather had several tobacco farms so he had the twine. My Mom said they did well turning the depression because they raised most of their food. I wonder what generation would do if we were faced with the same kind of depression now, well I know what would happen we would not make it. My Aunt even made me Barbie clothes when the Barbie first came out from scraps my Grandmother had saved in her sewing machine, a Singer I still own today and it still works."