Comitia Americana Medals -- Nathanael Greene

Nathanael Greene

Copper Libertas Americana medal.

By 1781, Nathanael Greene had embarked to permanently remove the British from the South. He and his men attacked the fortified village Ninety Six in Carolina until they were forced to retreat.  Additionally British soldiers were making their way towards to village, and Greene refused to have his men, who were now exhausted, to face the reinforcements without reprieve. Greene set off towards Charlotte, North Carolina and was soon too much for the British to continue chasing as they too were tired. The Americana under Greene set up camp above the Santee River to rest, while other American militiamen harassed and taunted the British in Charleston. Greene and his men came upon the British at their camp at Eutaw Springs. Though technically a British victory, the battle was the final action of the British in the Carolinas. Greene’s actions were inspirational, particularly in a despondent South. He spent six years fighting without taking a day of leave and was responsible for an enormous boost of morale in the Carolinas.