Trade catalogs from Palmer Chemical & Equipment Co, Inc.

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Omaha, NE
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Palmer Chemical & Equipment Co, Inc.
Related companies
Masten-Wright Corp. (New Haven, CT)
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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Short and long range syringe projector and Cap-Chur equipment ; Circa 1959-1960 catalog for the Palmer Chemical & Equipment Co, Inc., which made "remote drug delivery systems" aka tranquizer darts, for veterinary uses such as vacinating or treating farm animals (cattle, horses, sheep, pigs) or for immobilizing, capturing , restraining and treating wild or feral animals. Options included rifles and pistols. The system was called Cap-Chur. Also include letters to dealers, distributors and sellers; and a copy of another (dated 1959) to Senator Richard Russell, responding to an August 1959 article in the Washington Evening Star newspaper entitled "New Style Rustlers Use Quiet Gun". Apparently the article implied that the Cap-Chur system was being used for illicit purposes. Subsequently, legislators in Montana wanted to enact legislation banning the system, or to propose Federal legislation banning the system. Subequently, Senator Russell decided not to go forward with such legislation. Terms: Harold C. Palmer, Senator Murphy, Art Watson, Food and Drug Administration.
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Agricultural tools and machinery
Drugs; pharmaceuticals and patent medicines
Farm equipment and supplies (including dairy and poultry equipment)
Veterinary and pet supplies
Livestock and fisheries
Agricultural implements
Agricultural machinery
Animal industry
Farm equipment
Patent medicines
Pet supplies
Veterinary instruments and apparatus
Veterinary medicine
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