Trade catalogs from Henry Wild Surveying Instruments Supply Co., Ltd.

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Henry Wild Surveying Instruments Supply Co., Ltd.
Related companies
Henry Wild, Ltd. ; Wild Leitz Ltd. ; Wild Leitz Group ; Wild Heerbrugg Ltd. ; Ernst Leitz GmbH ; Leitz Wetzlar ; Ernst Leitz Wetzlar GMBH ; E. Leitz, Inc.
Heerbrugg, Switzerland
Notes content
Some records in French , German , or Portuguese . Microscopes ; microphotographic equipment ; stereomicroscopes ; "Leitz" "Laborlux" microscopes ; "Microskopion" company publication ; "Application de la Photogrammétrie pour la construction des cartes géologiques" by R. Helbling ; double-image prismatic compass ; "Wild T0" compass- theolodite poster ; "Wild T2" universal theolodite poster ; "Goniometer" ; "Wild NII" levelling instrument ; "The Measuring and Plotting of Scenes of Accidents and Crimes: How Photogrammetric Equipment Works" reprinted from The Police Journal Volume VI , No. 4 ; examples of testimonial letters in French , German , English , and Portuguese ; "Wild's Precise Level" ; "Wild Geodetic & Topographic Instruments" ; "Wild's Universal Theodolite" ; "Wild" autograph "A 5" ; "invar subtense-bar" ; tacheometer theodolite ; "Operational, Maintenance and Service Manual Traverse Target Set Wild T-2..." for the US Army Corps of Engineers (though "not an official Department of the Army publication") ; "Optical Instruments for Military Uses" ; "Wild" optical squares , transits ; "Double-Centre Theodolite Wild T 1: Instructions for Use" ; "Wild A 6" stereo-plotting machine ; "Wild T-4 Universal Theodolite: Instructions for Determination of Geographic Positions" By Dr. H. Odermatt ; other instruments and equipment .
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90 pieces; 2 boxes
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Photographic equipment and supplies
Scientific and optical instruments
Surveying supplies
Military equipment and supplies (including uniforms)
Armed Forces -- Equipment
Military supplies
Military uniforms
Optical instruments
Photographic industry
Scientific apparatus and instruments
Surveying -- Instruments
Surveying instrument industry
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