Trade catalogs from Paradon Engineering Co.

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Paradon Engineering Co.
Long Island City, New York, United States
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A circa 1924 bulletin (No. 12) for the Paradon Chlorinating apparatus for water, sewage, and swimming pools types D and DB. A data collection sheet for the product is enclosed in the bulletin. Data sheet lists Howard Pardee, S. Pincus and R.V. Donnelly, formerly of Wallace & Tiernan as officers of the company. A pair of duplicate May 1925 bulletin (No. 13) for a chlorinating apparatus for sanitary and industrial uses, specifically the Paradon Semi-vacuum chlorinating apparatus types D and DB. [one of the pair has a few annotations written on the cover]. A circa 1932 bulletin (No. 20) for the Paradon Chlorinizer Types CM-CM1. (Note: the location of the company headquarters is listed as Arlington, NJ). A single-sided flyer circa 1929 announcing the new Paradon Chlorinizer. A circa late 1932 bulletin (No. 21) for the Paradon Dry Feed Chlorinators types D, DM, DB and DBM. Three photographs: 1. Types DBP, DBPM scale chlorinator combination 2. Paradon Thermo Type "T" Chlorinator for swimming pools, small water supplies and small sewage plants and #. Paradon Semi-vacuum type DBI chlorinator mounted on pedestal. A circa 1929 postcard (with specs and prices written on the back) of the Paradon Chlorinator.
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Chemicals and chemical products
Foods and beverage products and processing equipment (including brewing; distilleries; beer; wine; etc.)
Materials handling equipment (includes barrels; bottling and filling; casters; chains; etc.)
Engineering consultants and contractors
Waste Management (including water treatment; recycling; refuse collection; industrial waste; etc.)
"Recycling (Waste, etc.)"
Beverage industry
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Food industry and trade
Industrial equipment
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Refuse disposal industry
Water -- Purification
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