Trade catalogs from Wilson Welder & Metals Co., Inc.

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Wilson Welder & Metals Co., Inc.
New York, New York, United States
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Arc welding equipment ; "Plastic-Arc" welding equipment instruction manual ; "Economy Effected by Arc Welding Practice In New york Edison East River Station" by T. E. DePew , reprinted from The Welding Engineer ; "Process of Welding Copper, Breass, Monel, Bronze, Nickel, Aluminum and Machinable Cast Iron Welds" by Alexander Churchward ; "The Welding Cables" by Alexander Churchward ; "Good Welding Essentials" by Alexander Churchward ; "Wilson" "Hornet" arc welding generators ; welding electrodes ; "Airco-Wilson Welders on Cletrac Tractor" ; A. C. transformer welder ; "Color-tipt" arc welding wire ; "Bumblebee" transformer arc welding machine ; welder's masks ; asbestos mittens and other protective gear ; testing equipment ; "Stroco" crater eliminator ; "Electric Welding" ; "Repair of the German Ships" , detailing the repair of German warships during World War I and the redeployment of the ships during wartime as United States ships ; the ships were repaired using Wilson's "Plastic-Arc" welding equipment .
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48 pieces; 1 box
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Boats and ships (including marine hardware and supplies)
Electrical apparatus and equipment
Machine tools and metalworking equipment
Military equipment and supplies (including uniforms)
Armed Forces -- Equipment
Boats and boating
Electric apparatus and appliances
Marine machinery
Metal-working machinery
Military supplies
Military uniforms
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