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Founded 1883.
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Parker Brothers
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Partnerships with: Miro Co., Paris, France ; Waddingtons Games Ltd, Leeds, England. Parker Brothers acquired sequentially by: General Mills Corp. ; Kenner Products, forming Kenner Parker Toys; Tonka Corp. ; Hasbro, Inc.
Salem, Massachusetts, United States
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An 1895 issue of the "Illustrated Catalogue of Parker Brother's Standard Games". The cover points out the the company's games recieved the "highest awards" at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. The front cover features a then-new game called "Napoleon" and the back cover shows a game called "Waterloo." Other games new for 1895 were: Kringle ; Menagerie ; Wonderland and Yankee Doodle. Other games shown include "The Yale Harvard Game: A High Class Game for Thoughtful Players" featuring a classic football rivalry ; The Office Boy ; The American Derby ; Komickal Konversation Kards ; World's Fair Game ; Mother Goose Game ; Hare and Hounds ; Tiddledy Winks ; Bagatelle; plus puzzles such as Dark Town Fire Brigades and Modes of Travel. The 1977 Parker Brothers Catalog of Games and Toys Games include: Monopoly , Payday , Sorry! , Careers , Clue , Ouija , Qubic , Risk ; games licensed from popular culture and television shows such as Guinness Game of World Records, Masterpiece , The Six Million Dollar Man , the Bionic Woman , Happy Days , Barney Miller , Laverne & Shirley , The Muppet Show Game , Walt Disney's The Rescuers Game , a CB slang game called 10-Four Good Buddy , Holly Hobbie Wishing Well , Curious George , The Little Engine That Could , Winnie the Pooh ; Code Name: Sector, the company's first computer game ; word and card games such as Boggle , Rook , Mille Bornes , Water Works ; action games such as Gnip Gnop and Funny Bones ; puzzle games and jig saw puzzles ; the Riviton building system ; plus the Nerf series of toys and balls. Also, a hard copy of a history of Parker Brothers from the Hasbro website. (see ; Became a wholly owned subsidiary of General Mills Corp. in 1968. General Mills spun off its toy division in 1985, selling it to Kenner Products and forming Kenner Parker Toys, Inc. In 1987 Kenner Parker Toys was bought by Tonka Corp. In 1991, Tonka was bough by Hasbro, Inc. and the new division was named Hasbro Games. Hasbro, Inc. is also the parent company for Milton Bradley, Kenner, Tonka, and Playskool. (see
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