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Founded 1918 (
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Parker Appliance Co.
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Merged with the Hannifin Mfg. Co. in 1957 to form the Parker Hannifin Corp. The term A.L. Parker is listed as the holder of the copyright in some of the bulletins.
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
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Trade lit for the Parker Appliance Co., founded in 1918 by Arthur L. Parker in order to make a pneumatic braking system that used compressed air to stop heavy trucks and buses quickly and safely. Eventually, the company also began using fluid, aka hydraulics, for tasks including braking, lifting, turning and pushing. A 1929 catalog for Parker Tube Couplings for Power Plants. An Oct. 1937 bulletin (No. 42) for Parker Tube Couplings in Power Plants. A November 1939 price list and technical data for Parker Valves (Bulletin No. 38B). A Sept. 1940 Service Manual (Bulletin No. 48) with instructions for using Parker tubing and fittings for use in airplane hydraulics and building plumbing installations. March 1940 instructions and price list (Bulletin No. 40E) for Parker Benders Tube Fabricating Equipment. A 1943 booklet called Fluid Power, which notes that hydraulics have applications for public utilities, the chemical industry, railroad locomotives, ships, to make synthetic rubber, to pump oil, in diesel engines, in refrigeration, to power machine tools and in the fuel, oil, oxygen and hydraulic lines that make up bombers and other aircraft. Also, a hard copy of a brief history of Parker Appliance from the Parker Hannifin website. (see
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Automobiles and automotive equipment (including trucks and buses)
Boats and ships (including marine hardware and supplies)
Chemicals and chemical products
Engines and motors: steam; oil; gas; etc.
Heating; ventilation and air conditioning
Machine tools and metalworking equipment
Materials handling equipment (includes barrels; bottling and filling; casters; chains; etc.)
Plumbing supplies and fixtures
Pumping machinery and air compressors
Railroad; streetcar; subway and tramway equipment and supplies
Refinery equipment
Construction and earth-moving machinery
Military equipment and supplies (including uniforms)
Industrial equipment or mechanical machinery (including supplies and components)
Engineering consultants and contractors
Plastics and rubber
Air conditioning
Armed Forces -- Equipment
Boats and boating
Bridge construction industry
Construction equipment
Consulting engineers
Earthmoving machinery
Heating and ventilation industry
Industrial equipment
Marine machinery
Metal-working machinery
Military supplies
Military uniforms
Motor vehicles
Oil field equipment and supplies industry
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