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Founded 1915 as Parker Rust-Proof Phosphating Company of America by Clark W. Parker. The company expanded by licensing its processes out to companies world-wide; The Parker Rust-Proof Company of Cleveland (Established 1918) and Nihon Parkerizing Company, Ltd. of Japan are remnants of that(see Henkel bought Parker in 1987 (
Company Name
Parker Rust-Proof Co. (Detroit)
Related companies
Parker Rust-Proof Phosphating Company of America; Parker Rust-Proof Co. of America; Henkel VZ ; The Parker Rust-Proof Company of Ohio ; The Parker Rust-Proof Company of Cleveland; Henkel Surface Technologies ; Parker-Amchem ; Parco
Detroit, Michigan, United States
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Primarily undated trade lit dating from circa 1915 through 1950s for Parker-Rust Proof Co. of Detroit, which is best known for a process called "parkerizing." Parkerizing (also called phosphating and phosphatizing) is a method of protecting a steel surface from corrosion and increasing its resistance to wear through the application of an electrochemical conversion coating. Parkerizing is commonly used on firearms as a more effective alternative to bluing, which is another electrochemical conversion coating that was developed earlier. (see File includes: a March 1944 edition of the Parkerizer newsletter ; a 1940 flyer entitled "American Industry...The first Line of Defense" ; a 1940 preview of Parker's rust-prevention advertising campaign ; prospectus booklets for potential licensees (duplicates); brochures, technical bulletins and letters pertaining to the Parkerizing rust-proofing process ; 10 brochures and technical documents pertaining to the Bonderizing process or Bonderite product, that holds paint to steel; technical publications pertaining to Parco Lubrizing, a finish called Parco Compound and Parco Cleaners. Today, Parker lives as a subsidiary of Henkel VZ, the world's largest provider of (zinc) phosphate coating technology to the global automotive industry (see
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Automobiles and automotive equipment (including trucks and buses)
Chemicals and chemical products
Iron and steel products (castings; sheet steel; steel wire; wire rope; pig iron and structural steel products )
Materials handling equipment (includes barrels; bottling and filling; casters; chains; etc.)
Industrial equipment or mechanical machinery (including supplies and components)
Engineering consultants and contractors
Foundries; supplies and equipment
Consulting engineers
Firearms industry and trade
Industrial equipment
Iron industry and trade
Motor vehicles
Steel industry and trade
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