Trade catalogs from Thomas Parry's Sons Co.

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Thomas Parry's Sons Co.
Camden, New Jersey, United States
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An incomplete photocopy of an undated catalogue for the Camden, NJ metal stamping firm Thomas Parry's Sons Co. Xerox contains : baton for drum major , metal backs for embroidered shoulder straps , belt buckles (Army or Navy patterns), belt plates , collar bars , leaves for collar , metal shoulder straps , metal frames and knobs for cartridge box , brass wire loops for belts , rods for cartridge boxes , scales or chin straps for armor suits , crossed arrow insignias, cap and collar ornaments , buttons for helmets or sides of caps , coat of arms of United States cap ornaments and lapel buttons, cap ornament (Greek Cross , Coffin , Crossed Cannon , crosses) , collar ornaments , engineer's cap and collar device , crossed guns, sabres and cannons for caps or collars , signal corps device , clasp hand ornaments , hook and ladder ornament , letter or numbers on wires for collars , lyres for caps or collars , sunbursts for hats , rank badges for collars, buttons for collars , buckles for back of uniform coats , eagles for caps or hats , wreathes for caps , lyres for caps and collars , bugles for caps , stars for caps or collars , scarf rings for firement , metal slides for cap holders , shell slides for belts,
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1 piece; 1 box
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Brass; bronze and specialty metals
Costumes and regalia
Firefighting and fire engines
Fraternal organizations and regalia (including costumes; decorations; etc.)
Metalwork products (architectural and ornamental)
Political paraphernalia (badges; flags; ribbons; etc.)
Religious paraphernalia
Military equipment and supplies (including uniforms)
Architectural metal-work
Armed Forces -- Equipment
Art metal-work
Campaign insignia
Fire fighting equipment industry
Fraternal organizations
Military supplies
Military uniforms
Political collectibles
Regalia (Insignia)
Religious articles
Religious medals
Religious supplies industry
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