Trade catalogs from Pathé Frères SA

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Founded in Paris, France 1896. Locations in Paris, France; London, England; New York and Brooklyn, NY
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Pathé Frères SA
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Société Pathé Frères ; Pathé-Cinéma ; Pathé Frères Phonograph Co. ; Pathé Records ; Pathéscope Ltd. ; Pathéscope Co. of America ; Pathex, Inc. of NY ; RKO Pictures ; Eastman Kodak ; Pathé-Natan ; Pathé SA ; British Pathe ; Vivendi ; Pathé-Marconi ; EMI, Inc. : Willoughby's .
Paris, France
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Trade lit for various divisions and incarnations of Pathé. An August 1898 catalog (written in French) of phonographs (gramophones), accessories and recording materials from Pathé Frères in Paris. Pathé Frères Phonograph Co. of Brooklyn, NY: list of records issued in 1920 ; a circa 1920s catalog of double disk records . From Pathéscope Ltd. of London, a circa 1920s 114-page book about how to take motion pictures with the Baby Ciné. From the Pathéscope Co of America, Inc.: Instructions for Operating the New Premier Pathéscope. From Pathex, Inc. (the trade name of Pathe Exchange, Inc., Pathe's US subsidiary that distributed movie releases to theaters in America): circa 1920s Catalog of Pathex Motion Pictures for the Home ; Instruction Book Pathex Motion Picture Projector" ; The Pathex Motion Picture Camera Table of Lens Adjustments ; Catalog of Pathex Motion Pictures for the Home 1927 ; 2 copies of an undated (circa 1933) Catalog of Pathex 9-1/2mm Motion Pictures for the Home ; 1927 Pathex Repair Parts ; undated manual Motion Pictures at Home with the Pathex Motion Picture Projector Instruction Book ; 1928 Pathex Super Reel Attachment flyer ; undated 2 copies Instruction Book Pathex Motion Picture Camera ; undated 3 copies Pathex Motion Picture Camera and Projector booklet ; Service information for Pathex projectors. From Pathegrams, Inc. : undated brochure for Pathé 9.5 mm Home Movie Equipment (Motocamera, Kid Projector, Hand Driven Projector, Super Reel Attachment). Pathé Motocamera instruction booklet in English. Pathé-Baby Manuel d'Emploi et d'Entretien from Pathé-Cinema in Vincennes, France. From the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania retail store John Wanamaker: undated instructions for operating the Baby Pathé ; and an undated booklet about the Pathé-Baby Projector & Camera Home Cinematograph. Instructions for using the Pathexgraph title maker. Undated list Pathex Library Films.
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Theatre and entertainment supplies
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Sound recording and playback equipment (including phonographs; microphones; and phonograph records)
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