[Trade catalogs from Monsanto Chemical Co.]

Type of material
Trade catalogs
Trade literature
Company Name
Monsanto Chemical Co.
Related companies
I. F. Laucks, Inc. ; Monsanto Chemical Works ; Merrimac Div. ; Lion Oil Co. Div. ; Merrimac Chemical Co. Div.
Notes content
One record in Spanish . "Monsanto Magazine" company publication ; World War II wartime publication ; synthetic food additives ; synthetic flavoring compounds ; methyl salicylate [synthetic oil of wintergreen] ; plasticizers ; resins ; plastics ; insecticides ; pesticides ; saccharin ; phosphorus ; "Santocel" chemical insulation ; "How Monsanto Serves: The Story of the Monsanto Chemical Company" company history , including lists of common objects of the 1930s manufactured using Monsanto products ; "Lion" roof coatings ; "Laucks" glues ; "Laucks" wood preservatives ; water treatment chemicals ; chemicals for textile manufacturing ; shell molding process for foundries ; "Plastics' Contribution to National Defense" ; phosphorus-iron alloys ; chemicals for leather tanning ; "The Texas City Disaster" 1947 accident ; ammonium nitrate explosion ; soil conditioners ; "Krilium" soil conditioner ; "M-Pak" blasting agents ; "Pydraul" fire resistant hydraulic fluid ; environmental stewardship ; other chemical products ; "Parathion" chemical
Trade catalog and histories
Black and white images
Color images
Physical description
103 pieces; 2 boxes
St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Record ID
Topic (Romaine term)
Architectural designs and building materials
Chemicals and chemical products
Drugs; pharmaceuticals and patent medicines
Explosives and fireworks
Foods and beverage products and processing equipment (including brewing; distilleries; beer; wine; etc.)
Foundries; supplies and equipment
Garden and lawn equipment and supplies
Iron and steel products (castings; sheet steel; steel wire; wire rope; pig iron and structural steel products )
Paint; varnishes; adhesives; coatings; etc.
Plastics and rubber
"Decoration and ornament, Architectural"
Architectural design
Beverage industry
Building materials
Explosives industry
Food industry and trade
Garden ornaments and furniture
Garden tools
Iron industry and trade
Paint industry and trade
Patent medicines
Plastics industry and trade
Rubber industry and trade
Steel industry and trade
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Data source
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