Trade catalogs from Albert Pick & Co.

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Albert Pick & Co.
Chicago, Illinois, United States
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Circa 1910s-1920s catalogs and trade lit from a distributor of wares for hotels and restaurants: cutlery ; ceramic plates, cups and serving dishes ; glassware ; earthenware kitchen vessels (mixing bowls, butter crocks) ; jardinieres , vases and other decorative display items ; wash stands and bowls for hotel rooms ; icecream service pieces ; lamps ; checks for cafeterias, restaurants and lunch rooms, plus cash registers ; signs and letters ; cook books ; decorative novelties ; artificial plants and flowers ; paper doilies ; table cloths, napkins, towels ; bead spreads, sheets, blankets and comforters ; waiters, maids, cooks, doormen, bell boy and porter's uniforms ; sweepers, cleaning compounds and polishing compounds ; telephones and annunciators ; gas fixtures ; wrapping supplies ; playing cards ; room key tags ; toothpicks ; straws ; matches ; baker's supplies ; enamel wares for kitchens ; chefs knives and cleavers ; pastry and cigar cases ; steam tables ; waffle irons ; toaster ; mixers ; bread slicers ; vegetable parer ; rotiserie ; urns ; printed matches ; toilet paper ; matresses ; hotel room furniture (chairs, chest of drawers, coat rack) ; cafe furniture (table, butler's tray, serving stand, counter stool, lunch counter) ; curtains ; shades ; ash tray stands ; umbrella stands ; carpets ; fire extinguishers ; janitor floor brushes ; carpets ; linoleum ; soap ; sponges ; ladders; scales ; oven ranges ; cuspidors ; coal hods ; ash cans ; mirrors ; desk ; safes ; clocks ; file cabinets ; bathroom fixtures ; vacuum cleaners ; laundry machines ; locks ; paints ; paper baler . Also a catalog of automobile after market accessories: spotlight ; auto jack ; spark plugs ; lubricator ; goggles and eye sheilds ; chauffeur's uniform ; lock switch ; hood ornaments ; tires ; tools ; horn ; batteries ; rear view mirror ; ammeter ; pails and chamois ; automobile robe rail ; Automobile Blue Books for various regions ; cigar lighter ; Texaco transmission grease and engine oil ; Ford seat covers ; auto lock attachment ; Stewart speedometer for Fords : bumpers for Fords ; gasometers for Fords.
Trade catalog and price lists
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Physical description
10 pieces; 1 box
Record ID
Topic (Romaine term)
Appliances (household)
Automobiles and automotive equipment (including trucks and buses)
Ceramics; pottery; glass; crystal; china; bricks; and stones
Clocks and watches (including clock-making and watch-making equipment)
Clothing (including hats; shoes; accessories; etc)
Curios; novelties and souvenirs
Electrical apparatus and equipment
Engines and motors: steam; oil; gas; etc.
Firefighting and fire engines
Foods and beverage products and processing equipment (including brewing; distilleries; beer; wine; etc.)
Furniture and furnishings
Hardware and hand tools
Heating; ventilation and air conditioning
Hotel; bar and restaurant supplies
Lighting (electric; gas; candle; oil; etc.)
Locks and safes (including alarm and security systems)
Materials handling equipment (includes barrels; bottling and filling; casters; chains; etc.)
Paint; varnishes; adhesives; coatings; etc.
Measuring; calculating and testing devices
Telephone; telegraph and telecommunications equipment and supplies
Textiles and textile machinery
Waste Management (including water treatment; recycling; refuse collection; industrial waste; etc.)
Packaging materials and shipping
Luggage; travel; travel services and traveling accessories (including trunks; briefcases; and other traveling accessories)
Fuel (includes oil; petroleum; gas; coal; etc.)
Cleaning tools and supplies
"Hotels -- Furniture, equipment, etc."
"Recycling (Waste, etc.)"
Air conditioning
Bars (Drinking establishments)
Beverage industry
Cleaning compounds
Cleaning machinery and appliances
Clocks and watches
Clothing and dress
Dress accessories
Electric apparatus and appliances
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