Trade catalogs from Sandoz Pharmaceuticals

Variant company name
Sandoz, Inc.
Company Name
Sandoz Pharmaceuticals
Related companies
Dorsey Laboratories ; Delmark Food Service Co. ; SandozNUTRITION ; Epidemiology Resources Inc. ; Pennsylvania Society of Hospital Pharmacists ;
East Hanover, New Jersey, United States
Notes content
Tablets ; capsules ; narcotics ; sedatives ; headache therapy ; codine ; fiorinal ; mellaril ; nutritional supplements ; recipes ; gelatin, broth, pudding, beverages, custards ; high protein diet ; nutrition information and diet application guide ; visken beta blocker ; plexonal sedative-hypnotic ; syntocinon nasal spray ; questions and answers pamphlet ; "nutrisource" ; "Current trade-offs in correcting nutritional deficits" ; liquid nutrition ; service list ; "pamelor" ; "embolex" ; immune globulins ; "The Ergot Alkaloids: Chemistry, Pharmacology and Clinical Application" ; limbic system drugs ; Parlodel "dopamine receptor agonist" ; mood enhancers ; "Mellaril: A Ten Year Review" book ; prescribing information ; weight loss drugs ; product lists ; "Drug Interactions in the Elderly" booklet ; miacalcin ; pharmacy fact sheet ; Summer Interns ; "A Whole New World: 1993 Sandinterns Sandoz NPC Summer Interns" ; eldepryl ; restoril ; transient and short-term insomnia medication ; Lamisil cream ; D.H.E.45 ; serotonin agonist ; DynaCirc ; clozaril ; "Sandoz Continuing Education" serial publication ; "The Aging Population: Growing Challenges and Opportunities for Pharmacists" publication ; "patient education strategies to Improve Outcomes with Antihypertensives" publication ; "Management of Allergic Rhinitis" publication ; "New Therapeutic Strategies in the Treatment of Parkinson's Disease" publication ; Migraine pamphlet and diary ; Osteoporosis medication ; Epidemiology publication ; DynaCirc Product Monograph booklet ; multi-dose vials ; psychosis medication ; Organ transplant issues ; many scholarships/donations given to other companies to produce researched literature for pharmaceutical industry ;
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90 pieces; 1 box
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Chemicals and chemical products
Drugs; pharmaceuticals and patent medicines
Foods and beverage products and processing equipment (including brewing; distilleries; beer; wine; etc.)
Laboratories and laboratory supplies and equipment
Medical and surgical instruments and supplies
Educational institutions; equipment and supplies (includes playground equipment)
"Laboratories -- Furniture, equipment, etc."
"Schools -- Furniture, equipment, etc."
Beverage industry
Food industry and trade
Medical instruments and apparatus industry
Patent medicines
Surgical instruments and apparatus industry
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