Scientists and Inventors Portrait File: photoprints

The original images represented by these photographic copies include early engravings, paintings, etc., and nineteenth- and twentieth-century photographic and photomechanical images.
COPY PRINTS ONLY, NOT ORIGINAL MATERIAL.: Copies of selected portraits of scientists and inventors, compiled by curatorial staffs in the National Museum of American History and other Smithsonian bureaus, forming a reference print file of OPPS negative numbers to facilitate ordering prints and as a guide to original material in curatorial collections, but poorly documented here. Many copied from reproductions in books, magazines, and newspapers, rather than from originals in collections. Most curatorial staffs do not acquire portraits systematically, and these pictures often were acquired merely to illustrate staff publications or exhibits. The file is made available as a convenience to researchers, but does not include the type of original material which the Archives Center usually collects.
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Scientists and Inventors Portrait File, Archives Center, National Museum of American History
19th-20th century
Physical Sciences, Division of (NMAH, Smithsonian Institution)
Physical description
Silver gelatin paper photoprints, 8" x 10", on cardboard mounts
7.5 cu. ft
1 file cabinet
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Scientists and Inventors Portrait File: [Physical Sciences, Division of (NMAH, Smithsonian Institution)]
Data Source
Archives Center, National Museum of American History