Daimler Gas Engine, Patent Model

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This model was submitted to the U.S. Patent Office with the application for Patent no. 168623, issued to Gottlieb Daimler, of Muelheim-on-the-Rhine, Prussia, October 11, 1875.
Daimler, who was managing director of Otto’s Gas Moteren Fabric, 1872-1882, introduced this engine as an improvement over the Langen and Otto engine of 1866. The engine is of the double-acting, free-piston, atmospheric type.
A water-jacket cylinder open to the atmosphere at both ends contains a working piston and two other pistons, one on each side of the working piston, which are loose or unconnected and operate in conjunction with the working piston in the following manner: With the working piston at the end of its back stroke, a charge of gas and air is drawn into the space between it and the front loose piston and is exploded. The said loose piston is thrown to the front end of the cylinder (without doing work) where it is held by a wedge device, whereupon a partial vacuum being formed in the cylinder by the expansion and cooling of the gaseous products of combustion, the working piston will by atmospheric pressure be caused to perform its forward stroke, the back loose piston traveling with it. On approaching the front loose piston the back loose piston is arrested in its motion while the working piston completes its stroke, moving close up to the front loose piston and expelling the products of combustion from between them, while at the same time a charge of gas and air is drawn into the space formed between the working piston and the back loose piston. On the charge being exploded, the back loose piston is thrown to the back end of the cylinder and the working piston performs its back stroke, together with the front loose piston, and the operation is repeated as above described.
This description comes from the 1939 Catalog of the Mechanical Collections of the Division of Engineering United States Museum Bulletin 173 by Frank A. Taylor.
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Daimler, Gottlieb W.
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