Poster, "Give a Hoot! Don't Pollute"

Of the many core responsibilities of citizenship, the most basic has been being a “good citizen.” The founding generation believed that liberty and freedom could only survive if the Republic and its people were virtuous. For them, and still today, this means respecting the country’s institutions, fulfilling civic duties, contributing to the community, and generally being a good neighbor, such as advertised in this 1971 public service poster.
date made
Department of Agriculture
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multi (overall color)
paper (overall material)
overall: 18 1/2 in x 13 in; 46.99 cm x 33.02 cm
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United States Department of Agriculture
Environmental History
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National Museum of American History
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National Museum of American History


I was born in 1975 I live in Canada and I remember this campaign and it has been embreded in my brain to not litter because I care!! We need this! Please bring it back!! Let’s give a hoot again!!!
I too remember these campaigns. The Native American crying as trash is thrown at his feet from a moving car upset me greatly. I never threw trash anywhere but a waste receptacle. I loved Woodsy the Owl, as well. There is no doubt in my mind that these ads were extremely powerful and ought to be brought back in a modern form. The amount of trash off the highways and even on neighborhood streets has reached astounding proportions even while our waterways are choked with plastics that end up in the ocean. We need a new campaign and fast. Give a hoot, don't pollute!
I come from a small rural town in Kentucky. Our once beautiful county has now become what some treat as a city dump. I feel confident we can reach the adults through the children. How can we get these ad's back on the air? I remember these so well from my childhood and our children are going to inherit this trashy planet and I would like to do my part in helping my community through the children. Thank you for your time.
i remember this along with the indian on TV as my first memories of antipollution media

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