Evening in Paris Cologne

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Ernest Beaux created the perfume “Soir de Paris” (“Evening in Paris”) for French perfumer Bourjois in 1928. Established in Paris in 1863 to manufacture make up and face powders, Bourjois has been making perfume since 1900. “Evening in Paris” was originally sold in a cobalt blue bottle designed by Jean Helleu. The scent was discontinued in the late 1960s, and revived and reformulated by Chanel in the early 1990s.
date made
ca 1940s-1950s
Bourjois, Inc.
place made
France: Île-de-France, Paris
United States: New York, New York
overall: 4 1/2 in x 2 1/4 in x 1 in; 11.43 cm x 5.715 cm x 2.54 cm
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accession number
catalog number
Credit Line
Gift of Gary P. and Sandra Baden
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My future stepfather gave my mother several boxes (gift sets) when he was wooing her. The box had a beautiful floral lid, lined in blue satin, with several different sizes of the Cobalt blue bottles. They are still together after 55 years. Guess the Evening In Paris worked! LMHO
What an amazing perfume. My grandmother and mother wore, the perfume is the best of course with it being the natural oils and no alcohol unlike the cologne. What a shame someone hasn’t brought back to life. (Don’t be confused by that cheap imitation sold in a colbolt bottle( it’s NOT NOT the same at all, actually a bit repulsive. If only someone could get the original recipe (Love the smell even as a guy, Hell I’d wear it just so I could smell it lol.)
They had a plant in Paris TN, they also made Mitchum products.
I use to use "Evening in Paris." I loved it. I bought it for my family and friends. Wish it was still being made, Memories, Beautiful memories that's what life is about. If I could only smell the scent, What a wonderful memory, it would bring back so many memories. My husband loved the smell, he would buy it for me. I think he liked it best because he loved the color colbalt Blue, the BOTTLE, you could remake it. And most definitely use that Colbalt Blue Bottle, maybe put a little old time story or poem to it. And bring those happy memories to someone.
This was the "go to" gift for Christmas for my mom. I'm nearly 70--mom was born in 1920--and looking back, I think she probably "disappeared" the previous years bottle to make room for what was coming from her young son. Just seeing that beautiful cobalt bottle brought back a flood of memories from my youth.
My mother passed 43 years ago and the one thing I remembered most about her when I was a little girl, was her scent when she wore that perfume. I had memories of Evening in Paris sitting on her dresser but at one point could not recall the name, only the color of the bottle which was blue. My boss gave me a gift box recently that had a Paris design on it and the memories flooded back. I have wanted to find this perfume not to wear it myself but just for the smell as a reminder. Does anyone know where I can purchase a bottle and would it have the same ingredients as the original? Thanks for your help it would mean so much to me.
You can still find it on Ebay, and if the lid has been kept on it, it still smells great.
My 90 year young friend gave me a diamond shaped box of Evening in Paris. It contains rouge, Lau de Cologne and perfume (one bottle missing). I spent a lot of time looking but cannot find a diamond shaped Evening In Paris box. Any information regarding this collection including what might be missing. Help...
We had some in a stick like consistency in a blue tube. Does anyone remember that? Can you get it anywhere? I remember watching my mother touch it behind her ears and on her wrists.
Pam - my mother had it in the little tube too. I also remember her touching it behind her ears. This was in the early 1950's.
I can remember being with my Father as a little girl and we picked out this fragrance for my Mother (born 1916). I am 63 years old. I still have that blue bottle as shown, but I also have another smaller, taller, slim bottle with a light blue cap on it (a set). I just opened it up and they are both full...what a treasure since so much time has gone by. I decided to do a search and it took me to you! Wow...a trip back in history and I just love that style, glamour, romance and time period in general. My Parents never threw any thing out, children of the Great Depression and WW II as my Father served in the Air Corps, Blackpool, England. Thank you for the great memories.
When i was a little girl (9-10) my mother gave my sister and I "Evening in Paris " perfume. We loved it.I am 57 years old i have searched and i have not seen it sold in stores. I would love to get some and to give for my sister. This brings back some good memories.

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