White Cloverine Salve

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The indications or uses for this product as provided by the manufacturer are: Soothing relief for chapped hands, face, lips. Dry rough skin. Minor burns and scalds. Sunburn and windburn. Chafing and other irritations.
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date made
after 1963
Cloverine Incorporated
place made
United States: New York, New York
Physical Description
white petrolatum (drug active ingredients)
rectified turpentine oil (drug active ingredients)
white wax (drug active ingredients)
perfume (drug active ingredients)
overall: 3/4 in x 2 5/8 in; 1.905 cm x 6.6675 cm
ID Number
accession number
catalog number
Credit Line
Gift of Gary P. and Sandra Baden
Rubs, Liniments & Ointments
Skin & Dermatology Drugs
First Aid Products & Antiseptics
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I remember back in the early 50's in Gary, IN. selling the White Salve. It was a product that people wanted and it was not a hard sell. I remember the catalog of gifts you could win by selling the salve. Good memories.
Back when I was a kid you could earn BB gun for selling cloverine salve.
I remember we ordered from a catalog. The salve came in round canisters . I sold a canister for, I think a quarter. That was over 65 years ago.
When I was a little girl, I sold Cloverine Salve. I was trying to sell enough to win the grand prize.....a live monkey! I can still see the ad... was so exciting! Unfortunately, I didn't sell enough for the grand prize.
I have a rose print that I thought my grandmother earned selling Cloverine salve. Now I wonder was it in the tin with purchased salve. Does anyone know?
Cloverine Salve was in a tin years ago. I am now 78 years old, but I remember selling the salve as a young boy and got a meat grinder for my mom.
I sold this salve as a child. No, the "gift" came separate. The salve came in a cardboard tube of a certain number. You also got a catalog and after you sold so many cans of salve, you could pick a free gift. The cans sold for 25 cents when is old them and people loved it. I sold a quite a few cans and received all kinds of things from toys to pocket watches. The original ad to sell salve was located in most comic books of the time (1950s) and other magazines.
Muy buena opción yo conservo una cajita con pomada original debió estar muy buena x q en México se mandaba traer de usa Feliz día saludos dios los bendiga
My brother and I sold a salve, door to door, and as mentioned in a comment, purchasers were given a choice of a small poster. The product we sold was called Wolverine Salve. This was in Marquette, Michigan. I was able to purchase one tin just a few years ago, online, as a surprise gift for my brother, but I can no longer find any mention of it. He still has the tin with the name on it, so I know we aren't confusing it with Cloverine. Have any here ever heard of Wolverine Salve?
I remember Wolverine salve well. It came in a tube of 10 cans and I saw the ad in a comic book. I was young—probably 9 or 10 years old. Those were fun days. I rode through my neighborhood selling the cans door to door. Fun times. I got a sterling silver ring with a W engraved on the front of it with my first order.
I remember it as a real cure-all for what ailed you.
"When I was 5-6 years old, I walked--ALONE--door-to-door in my rural farm community in southeastern Ohio, selling tins of Cliverine salve. Every purchaser got a free print of their choice. The prints were rolled up inside the cardboard tube that contained the tins of salve. I earned enough money to purchase a little typewriter and was very proud of myself. "
Precisely, where in southeastern Ohio? I sold in that area also.
"Was the Cloverine Salve first made in Clearfield, Pa or Phillipsburg, Pa?"
"In 1934 I sold White Cloverine Salve as a six year old. I sold enough to earn a hand cranked movie projector with a short film reel. We lived in a small stucco house and I would project the film on the bare wall. I find it amazing that it is still around. Back then it was the go to for cuts, bruises, abrasives, burns, chapped skin, almost anything you could think of. I believe that was the reason I was able to sell so much of it. It was my first time to earn money and made me feel big. Typing this brings me back to my childhood. "
Was "Rock of Ages " one of the free prints given out when a purchaser bought Cloverine Salve from door to door young sales people?

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