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The Museum offers many different ways to engage with American history and the national collections, from audio and video presentations to online exhibitions to social media. Use this page to learn about these resources and how you can access them.

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Every day, we share interesting history content across a variety of social media sites.


  • Twitter: Intriguing snippets of history throughout the day. Occasional mystery objects, pop quizzes, and live tweets from behind-the-scenes. Lately, you'll see lots of #ObjectProject and #BusinessHistory tweets showcasing stories from new exhibitions opening on July 1, 2015.
    1. You can also follow staff members: @amhistcurator, @apacurator, @SusnEvans, @NMAHHilbigV, and @MSalocks.
  • Instagram: Historic images and photos from the museum, with and without retro filters. Our photos on Instagram often spark discussion--join the conversation!
  •  Pinterest: "Pinteresting" photos and links on boards such as Think Pink and Today in History.
  • Google+: Our favorite photos, videos, and links on historical topics from "this day in history" to cars, sports, and computers from history. This is one of our fastest growing social networks!
  • Facebook: "This day in history" posts, mystery objects, and more. Since most people don't see everything they subscribe to on Facebook, we recommend following us on one other social network as well. 



  • E-newsletter: Stay informed about museum activities, events, exhibitions, and more--both online and in the building.

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This Day In History

Every day, the Museum posts interesting facts related to American history with links to Smithsonian resources. Learn how you can receive this content.

Founding Fragments

Enjoy our video series that gets up close and personal with historical treasures in the Museum's collection.

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