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This exhibition is a collective effort by staff of the National Museum of American History and the Smithsonian Institution. Historical exhibitions are complex undertakings, and the history they present is an interpretation of historical evidence informed by knowledge and experience.

Edison After Forty Web-site:

Bernard S. Finn

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Rodney J. van Zyl

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Harold Wallace, Jr.

The ETL Testing Laboratories
The Edison National Historic Site
The Edison-Ford Winter Estates.

Edison After The Electric Light 1986 Exhibit:
Curators: Bernard S. Finn and Joyce Bedi
Design: David Ellis and John Porter

Edison After Forty 1994 Exhibit:
Curator: Bernard S. Finn
Design: Constantine Raitsky
Project Manager: Carol Cox
Editor: Robert Selim

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The Challenge of Success
Before Forty
Changes At Forty
Home Life
The New Technical World
Fame And Its Distractions
Edison In His Eighties