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Maker: Bausch & Lomb Optical Co.

Date made: c. 1900-1920

Materials: Aluminum; brass; glass; leather
Measurements: Overall: 102 x 120 x 50 (closed) mm

Binoculars rapidly replaced field glasses at the beginning of the twentieth century, because they offered the advantages of reduced weight and size. They also gave a wider and more stereoscopic view. This instrument uses a 5 lens, two prism arrangement that is based on the 1897 patent of Ernst Abbe. Unlike Abbe's design, this binocular has central focusing. The objectives are 1.9 cm clear aperture and a magnifying power of 8. (1982.0001.02)

Gift of Nicholas Grossman
Photography by Hugh Talman, SI Photo 98-41096

1998 Smithsonian Institution - NMAH MIMSY
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