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Bird Skin

Pacific Loon, Gavia pacifica

Materials: Feathers; skin
Measurements: Overall: 24.015 x 1.9685 x 12.0079 x 24.0157 in.; 610 x 50 x 305 mm

The skin of a loon. Skin has been split down the back; much of the back has been removed as well as the head, feet and wings. This specimen was confiscated by the U.S. Bureau of Biological Survey, Department of Agriculture ca. 1920, and transferred to the U.S. National Museum, for a display of millinery trimmings. To conserve certain wild bird populations, the U.S. Congress enacted legislation, beginning in 1900, restricting the harvest and possession of such bird skins and feathers. (AG*A003718)

Photography by Hugh Talman, SI Photo 98-41094

1998 Smithsonian Institution - NMAH MIMSY
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