Artifact Walls and History Highlight Cases

Artifact Walls and History Highlight Cases are signature features of the National Museum of American History, bringing the walls of the Museum to life for more than five million visitors each year. You can be recognized by name on one of these cases filled with eye-catching artifacts from the national collection.

Artifact Walls

Gift of $125,000
Artifact Walls display the diversity of the Museum's collection, showcasing both objects that reflect everyday American life and extraordinary artifacts that represent landmark moments in the nation's history. They are renewed through regular object rotation, allowing the public to experience new treasures with each visit. Forty cases, each measuring approximately 120 cubic feet, line the corridors on the first and second floors of the Museum. Donors of $125,000 have the unique opportunity to be recognized on an Artifact Wall for a period of ten years.


History Highlight Cases

Gift of $250, 000
At least twice the size of Artifact Wall cases, History Highlight Cases add colorful graphics and images to feature a more in-depth presentation of a chosen subject or event from American history. Museum curators use these cases to feature historic anniversaries, research findings, and new acquisitions, unifying the collection of objects with design elements that give each History Highlight Case a unique look and feel. Prominently located on the Museum's first floor, these special cases measure approximately 240 cubic feet. Donors of $250,000 will be recognized on a History Highlight Case for ten years.

To learn more about Artifact Walls and History Highlight Cases and how your gift can support the work of the National Museum of American History, please contact the Office of External Affairs at 202.633.1841 or via our contact form.