About the Museum

Since its opening in 1964, The National Museum of American History, Behring Center has welcomed millions of visitors and fostered a greater understanding of the American people and the American experience. Considering artifacts to be the principal expression of human creativity, the Museum is interested in how they are made and used, how they express human needs and values, and how they influence society and the lives of individuals. From George Washington to Julia Child, the National Museum of American History strives to bring forth a deeper awareness of American culture, identity, and society.

More than 280 people work at the National Museum of American History. Staff at the Museum work on everything from historical research to developing budgets and tracking finances. Because of the diversity of its work, the Museum is able to offer a wide variety of internship opportunities. Interns will have an educational experience that will allow them to work with and learn from professionals and scholars in the museum field. 

The Museum recently completed an exciting project to revitalize its building. Learn more about the Museum renovation.

This site will present brief descriptions of the various internships available at the Museum. Regardless of which internship you choose, interns at NMAH can expect to gain a better appreciation of the intricacies of museum work. Along with the unique experience of interning within the Museum, interns also receive a broader appreciation of Washington D.C. itself. Summer internship enrichment programs present interns the opportunity to see various sites throughout the Washington area. Most enrichment activities are scheduled during the summer when interns can more readily take advantage of Washington’s diverse cultural activities. Previous events have included tours of the U.S. Capitol, the Supreme Court, and the Pentagon, along with gallery and exhibition talks with Smithsonian staff.