Donor Travel

Donor group travel

Donors to the National Museum of American History are invited to explore the global history of America through our international Director's Tours. In 2017, we traveled to Paris to better understand how America's independence hinged on critical support from France, strategically motivated by past defeats and their status as a global power. Our group studies led to the development of our recently opened exhibition The American Revolution: A World War.

In October 2019, we will continue our exploration of America's Atlantic connections, by traveling to Spain to better understand the early connections between Spain and the Americas, and the ways that what became known in Europe as the "Voyages of Discovery" shaped the history of both continents.

We hope you will join us to enjoy this exclusive opportunity and a captivating look at Madrid, Seville, and Granada through special tours, discussions, the finest cuisine and exceptional five-star accommodations. More information is forthcoming. In the meantime, please contact Rachel Wood at (202) 633-3927 or email with questions.

Below: Museum donors visit Paris on the Director's Tour