What's Cooking? Julia Child's Kitchen at the Smithsonian
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Watching Julia made me more aware of the importance of good equipment that would last a lifetime. She made everything look so easy that I wasn't intimidated to try things I saw her make.

I had the pleasure of meeting her once and have a picture of the 2 of us on my office bulletin board.

Gloria Martin
Cedar Hill, TX


Julia was, and is, the reason for my love of cooking, and unfortunately, of kitchen gadgetry! I know exactly what she means about being a knife freak, as I have at least forty knives in my kitchen. I remember the day my youngest daughter asked "Mom, which one of these is a good, sharp knife? Oh, never mind. I know. All of them."

Thank you, Julia Child, for being such a wonderful, inspirational teacher.

Patricia Glenn
Columbus, OH


The thing I miss most in modern homes is the kitchen pantry. A bit strange, since I remember only one family home in my early life that had a pantry. I later lived for 2 yers in a mid-west house where a back porch had been enclosed & converted into a bedroom closet and kitchen pantry and I just loved the convenience. It allows the kitchen to be so much more open and active without cupboards closing in on you -- and people dodging in and about to get things. I dream of having one once again but the don't come apartment-size in my rent district.

M Harvey Patterson
Drexel Hill, Penna.


Dear Friends, I have just looked at Julia Child's kitchen and nearly fainted!!! It is almost exactly like my kitchen in 1968, in Carrollton, Georgia, in a little peach-colored house on Alice Lane. It was my favorite kitchen of any I have had. I even had a rocking chair in there!!! While we lived there, on one summer's night, millions and millions of fireflies came and sat in the pine trees in the back yard, on their way to somewhere. All the neighbors brought their yard chairs and their glasses of iced tea, and sat for hours watching the twinkling show. The next evening they were gone and I have never seen such a thing ever again. Thank you so much for doing this exhibit. I learned to cook watching Julia Child's program, as my relatives who could cook very well didn't want anybody in the kitchen with them!!! It is certainly true that Ms. Child is so LOVED by people who will never meet her. She is our champion, our heroine. I bless her daily and that is a fact.

Sacramento, CA


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