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Models for Animal Locomotion
The University of Pennsylvania provided a number of students and other men, women, and children as models for Muybridge’s project. Many of the athletes, tradesmen, and teachers who were chosen to participate in this study of “the movements of everyday life” had a “well-earned record in the particular feat selected for illustration.” Muybridge also photographed hospital patients to illustrate their abnormal movements, and animals and birds from the Philadelphia Zoo.

Muybridge asked his human models to pose dressed and undressed, and to perform activities seemingly unrelated to the concerns of science. What physiological laws, for example, can be derived from a woman throwing herself on a heap of hay?

image- print prrofs of "Throwing self on heap of hay, woman draped", on cardboard mount Enlarge image
“Throwing self on heap of hay, woman draped”
(Blanche Epler, September 24, 1885)
Working proofs for Animal Locomtion Plate 455
Cyanotypes on cardboard mount
  image- final proof for "Throwing self on heap of hay" Enlarge image
“Throwing self on heap of hay”
Animal Locomotion Plate 455, 1887


National Museum of American History