Warner Bros. Theater

Welcome to the Warner Bros. Theater homepage! This page will have information about the full breadth of public programs held in the theater. Ranging from documentary screenings with expert panel discussions to Classic Film Festivals held in conjunction with Warner Bros., there is something of interest for nearly every visitor. 


The Theater

The National Museum of American History is committed to exploring the legacy of American cinema as well as how film culture shapes how we perceive ourselves as Americans. The Warner Bros. Theater has state-of-the-art audio visual equipment, including 3-D capability. Made possible through a generous $5 million donation by Warner Bros., the theater allows the National Museum of American History to provide visitors with new and exciting opportunities to explore the art of film. Since its opening in 2012, the theater has hosted a full roster of public programs, from screenings, lectures, and concerts to demonstrations and film festivals.


The Artifact Wall

Visitors are also able to explore the legacy of American cinema by visiting the display, “You Must Remember This.” Located on the first floor next to the Warner Bros. Theater, the artifact wall showcases 20 feet of Hollywood memorabilia from the Warner Bros. Corporate Archive.