Corinthian stater, also known as a "colt" for the image on its obverse.   510 to 480 B.C.

Corinthian Stater ca 510 - 490 B.C.

Corinth, a Greek city located on the narrow strip of land joining the Peloponessos with mainland Greece, was an important trading center from at least the 7th century BC because of its access to both the Aegean and the Adriatic seas. Corinth was one of the first Greek states to adopt coinage. This coin is an example of the first Corinthian coins to have engraved images on both sides of the coin. Corinth kept this same basic design on its coins for over 200 years; Pegasos, the mythical flying horse captured by Bellerophon, the founder of Corinth, adorns the obverse and the goddess Athena is on the reverse.