Tetradrachm of Leontinoi ca. 465 BC.

Tetradrachms of Leontinoi

Struck in Leontinoi, around 465 B.C. With these coins, we see a return to a more traditional type for the coins of Leontinoi. The replacement of the head of Artemis-Arethusa with that of Apollo is consistent with that deity's place as patron god of Leontinoi. The appearance of the lion below Apollo's head is a pun on the name of the city as well as being an animal associated with Apollo as the sun god. The style and masterful engraving identify this and the following coin as products of the same engraver who executed the rest of the series.

The close similarity in design of these coins with the rest of the series, especially the lion on the obverse, and the fact that they share the same engraver, points to the fact that Leontinoi and Syracuse had a close relationship under the rule of the tyrants Gelon and his brother and successor, Hieron. These coins are extremely rare with fewer than twenty known.

The obverse of these coins features a slow quadriga driven to the right by a male driver wearing a chiton, with Nike above crowning the horses' heads, and below, a lion running right.

The reverse of the coin has the head of Apollo facing right. It bears the inscription "LEONTINON" counterclockwise around, surrounded by three laurel leaves, and below, a lion running right.

Another tetradrachm of Leontinoi ca. 465 BC.