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Virtual Exhibits

The following virtual exhibitions are based on objects within the National Numismatic Collections.  In many cases they are based on exhibitions which have appeared in the Hall of Money and Medals at the National Museum of American History, or on travelling exhibits which have appeared at various venues across the United States.  These exhibits are expanded as time permits and will eventually grow to be representative of the collections as a whole.

A Short Numismatic History.

The Coinage of Spain
Coinage in Spain from the earliest times to the present.

The Double Eagle
The History of the $20 United States Gold Coin 1849-1933

Life in Ancient Greece
Reflected in the Coinage of Corinth

Featured in the Virtual Exhibitions section of the National Museum of American History site.

Numismatic Art Comes of Age:  The Coins of the Demareteion Master
Recent donation of an extremely rare and important series of Ancient Greek coins.

Parthia: The Forgotten Empire
The history of Parthia illustrated through its coinage.

Recent Donations of Outstanding U.S. Rarities
Including one of the most coveted United States coin rarities, the 1804 silver dollar.

Russian Coins and Medals
The Willis H. duPont - Georgii Mikhailovich Collection

Surviving Images, Forgotten People
Native Americans, Women, and African–Americans on Early United States Bank Notes

Your Money in Transition
The evolution of American money from gold coins to credit cards.