On the Water


Working on a factory trawler like the Alaska Ocean means living at sea for weeks at a time. The vessel fishes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and everyone aboard works a 12-hour shift. Although at 376 feet the vessel is huge, it is still a confined space with little variation in routines. People relax by working out in the gym, having a snack in the galley, or by watching movies (DVDs) in the large lounge, where a dozen recliners are arranged in a loose semicircle. The staterooms also have television sets and in early June when the boat is typically fishing in the North Pacific off the coast of Washington State, many of the sets are tuned in to Seattle Mariners’ baseball games.

Fishing boat attire runs toward jeans and T-shirts, but sweatpants and shirts are also worn. Sweatpants decorated with the words ALASKA OCEAN running up one leg were popular during the 2007 season. They were worn in leisure time as well as under coveralls during work hours. The pants were available, along with T-shirts, jackets, ball caps, and other attire, in the ship’s store.

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41 x 22 x 1 in.; 104.14 x 55.88 x 2.54 cm
Alaska Ocean thru Jeff Hendricks