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President George Bush arriving at Palm Harbor, Florida, on Air Force One in 1989. The armed forces provide transportation support to the chief executive. Both Air Force One and Marine One add a ceremonial aura to a presidential visit. The aircraft also maintain an essential communications link between the commander in chief and the military at all times.

Courtesy of George Bush Library

 Marine One taking off from the White House lawn, 1995

Courtesy of the White House

 Program for the sixteenth annual national Christmas tree lighting, hosted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on December 24, 1938, at Lafayette Park. The presidency has been an important part of the country's holiday celebrations, including Thanksgiving Day proclamations and White House Easter egg rolls.
 President Harry S. Truman laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on November 11, 1947

Courtesy of Harry S. Truman Library

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