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President Clinton at the computer.

Courtesy of the White House

Bill Clinton was the first president with the opportunity to make effective use of the Internet. Like the rest of us, those in the White House are exploring what the Internet means, how best to use it, and what effect it will have.

Will use of the new medium engender a sense of community? Or lead to further division of interests? How will the expansion of high-speed Internet access and the ability to place video images on the Internet affect the presidency? Will it usurp the functions traditionally monopolized by television, just as television replaced radio as the focus of attention in the home?

Internet camera
An interactive webcast of a national political convention took place for the first time in 2000. The Republican Party permitted Psuedo Programs, Inc., to place several interactive 360-degree "BeHere" cameras on the convention floor in Philadelphia.

This camera was installed next to the Texas delegation. On Pseudo Programs' Internet site, viewers could watch events unfold--unedited--from the camera's vantage point twenty-four hours a day.

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