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Image reference numbers:

Numbers below refer to Smithsonian negative numbers, except for Library of Congress images which are preceded by "LC."

"$100,000 Reward" poster LC-USCZC4-5341

1933 Inauguration Ticket 2000-6067

1956 Democratic National Convention program 86-11645

"A Guide to Your Television Appearance" Booklet, 1950s 2000-6902

ABC press pass, 1984 Republican National Convention 2000-6299

Abraham Lincoln and General McClellan at Antietam LC-B8171-7951

Abraham Lincoln mourning card 2000-6092

Abraham Lincoln mourning ring 2000-7111

Abraham Lincoln with son Thomas (Tad) LC-USZ62-11897

Abraham Lincoln's 1862 cabinet 78-5889

Abraham Lincoln's assassins LC-USZ62-17383

Abraham Lincoln's Coat 2000-6322

Abraham Lincoln's Funeral Cortege in New York City 2000-1748

Abraham Lincoln's funeral procession in New York City 2000-7147

Abraham Lincoln's Hands, cast in Plaster, 1860 2000-7109

Abraham Lincoln's Ink Stand 2000-7107

Advertisement for "ABA Traveler's Cheques" featuring President Theodore Roosevelt 2000-7002

Advertisement with an image of Theodore Roosevelt

Advertisement for "Cherry Smash" with the image of George Washington 2000-7802

Advertisement for Jefferson Towers 2000-6996

Advertisement for Lincoln Tea 2000-6999

Advertisement for "Sweet Home" Soap with John Adams 2000-7390

Advertisement for Washington Cigars 2000-7803

Advertisement for Washington Crisps Corn Flakes 2000-6997

"African Hunter" Sheet Music 2000-7587

Akeley Newsreel Camera, 1935 2000-6355

Alexander Graham Bell's Induction Balance 2000-6312

Alice Roosevelt with her husband Nicholas Longworth LC-USZ62-13443

Amy Carter NLC-WHSP-C-01592-22

Andrew Jackson as "The Hero of New Orleans" 2000-7379

Andrew Jackson's sword from the War of 1812 90-10106

Andrew Johnson's impeachment committee LC-USZ62-31933

Anti Viet Nam Protest Sign 2000-6287

Anti-lynching Handbill 2000-6286

Archie Roosevelt on a horse LC-USZ62-15284

Assassination & Mourning 2001-31

Attempted Assassination of Andrew Jackson LC-USZ62-2342

Audiometer 2000-6845

Ballot box, 74-4097

Bandana commemorating George Washington's resignation 2000-6297

Barry Goldwater campaign poster 96-2823

Beaded moccasins presented to Ulysses S. Grant 2000-7102

Birthday Card from Lyndon B. Johnson 2000-6887

Block of White House wood and stones 2000-6830

Blue Feathered Hat 2000-6325

Book on Theodore Roosevelt 2000-7583

Book with red cloth cover 2000-7378

Bottle Stand used by George Washington 97-7906

"Boy reading newspaper" by Colie Smith LC-USF34-44054-d

Breadboard promoting Herbert Hoover 2000-6351

Bringing the Campaign Home 2001-15

Bryan Donkey and Taft Elephant 2000-7127

"Building the First White House" 71-2060

George Washington in front of unfinished White House

Building the White House 2001-48

Bush/Quayle Hat, 1992 Republican National Convention 96-3374-6

Button Commemorating George Washington's First Inauguration 97-7908

Button Commemorating George Washington's First Inauguration 97-7917

Cake box from Grover Cleveland 's wedding 2000-6338

Camp Table Used By Theodore Roosevelt on His Travels 2000-1248

Campaign banner for James A. Garfield 2000-7783

Campaign poster for Grover Cleveland 96-2831

Campaign poster for Willke 86-13967

Cane 2000-7204

Cane Bequeathed to George Washington by Benjamin Franklin 98-3879

Cane Presented to Former President John Quincy Adams 98-3880

Capturing an Essence: The Presidency as Souvenier 2001-6

Caroline and John-John Kennedy 28661

Carriage Police Pass 2000-6294

Cartoon of Abraham Lincoln as Don Quixote LC-USZ62-22383

Cartoon of James A. Garfield as a farmer LC-USZ62-4915

Cartoon of Ulysses S. Grant on a trapeze LC-USZC4-5606

Casket Received by Former President Ulysses S. Grant in London 2000-7106

Cathedral Radio, 1940s 2000-6267

CBS microphone Used for President Franklin D. Roosevelt's "fireside-chats" 98-3878

CBS press pass, 1984 Democratic National Convention 2000-6300

Centennial Presidential Game 80-1535

Ceramic pitcher with the Image of William Henry Harrison 564-54

Chairs Used in the 1960 Nixon-Kennedy Debate 93-12718

Champagne bottle from the inauguration of John F. Kennedy 2000-6843

Cheesehead Hat , 1996 Democratic National Convention 97-1409

Child-sized George Washington Costume 2000-6330

Christmas Card 91-2796

Christmas Pageant Program made by Eisenhower grandchildren 2000-7579

Cigar ads featuring President Grover Cleveland 2000-6995

"Cleveland's Luck" Cartoon 2000-7381

Clock with Figure of President Franklin D. Roosevelt 2000-7098

"Coffee with Kennedy" Paper Cup 2000-6344

Color Print of China from the Nixon-Cox wedding 2000-6895

"Columbia Grieving at Lincoln's Bier" (Woman at Coffin) 2000-7145

Commemoratives from Ronald Reagan's Second Inauguration 2000-6060

Compass used on Lewis and Clark expedition, 1803 95-3550

Congress voting independence LC-USZ62-6078-A

"Congressional Scales" cartoon LC-USZ62-8230

Cornflower-covered dish 2000-7118

Creating a Private Life 2001-52

Crock Inscribed with Protest Over 1824 election results 564-62

Decorative Hair Comb With Presidential Portraits 94-6249

Desk Designed and Used by Thomas Jefferson 2000-3214

Desk Designed and Used by Thomas Jefferson 2000-3214

Dessert plate used by James and Elizabeth Monroe 2000-6335

Dessert Plate used by Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson 2000-7119

Dinner plate used by Ronald and Nancy Reagan 83-10446

Display of Hair from Various American Presidents 2000-4600-12

"Dollars for Democrats" button 86-11679

Dollhouse for the children of Grover Cleveland 77-12886

Dress Worn by First Lady Grace Coolidge, 1920s 2000-6314

Drum Used at the Funeral of President Abraham Lincoln 2000-7125

Dwight D. Eisenhower's 1960 State of the Union Address 2000-6305

Dwight D. Eisenhower's Golf Clubs and Bag 2000-7117

Dwight Eisenhower Enjoys His Leisure 2001-30

Eagle Torch, 1860 Presidential Campaign 96-2888

Easter eggs signed by George and Barbara Bush 2000-7122

Edison phonograph recordings 2000-6332

Engraving of Daniel Webster addressing the Senate 2000-6356

Establishing the Presidency 2001-57

Fan with image of Franklin D. Roosevelt and his cabinet 2000-7059

"Fifty Cents" cartoon LC-USZ62-1582

First Lady Dolley Madison's Trunk 2000-6350

First Lady Grace Coolidge with her pet racoon LC-USZ62-100816

Ford's Theatre LC-B8171-7765

Foundations of the Office 2001-53

Franklin D. Roosevelt Mourners on the Street LC-T2-15

Franklin D. Roosevelt's funeral LC-USZ62-106334

Franklin D. Roosevelt's Funeral Procession LC-USZ62-67439

Franklin D. Roosevelt's Lap Robe 2000-7116

"Free Trade of 1840" cartoon 42042

Full Dinner Pail Lantern 80-15251

Funeral address for Abraham Lincoln 2000-6086

Funeral Service Announcement for John F. Kennedy 2000-6104

Furnishing the Presidential Mansion 2001-58

Gavel presented to the Speaker of the House, 1952. 2000-1251

"George Bush Drive" Street Sign 2000-7785

"George Bush Drive" Street Sign 2000-7785

George Bush on "Dawn of an Asian Era" panel 648-28

George Washington, an Inspiration for the Presidency 2001-56

George Washington Hatchet Souvenir 2000-7065

George Washington Returns Home 2001-25

George Washington's Easy Chair 80-3217

George Washington's Farewell Adress Lamp 2000-6311

George Washington's Home in High Street, Philadelphia, PA LC-USZ62-25441

George Washington's Uniform, 1790s 74-4946

Getting Out the Vote 2001-19

"Go light" for pacing speakers at the 1996 Republican National Convention 97-1408

Gold Box and Nugget Presented to Abraham Lincoln in 1864 2000-7108

Gold coin 95-3573A

Goldwater campaign drink 2000-7114

"Grapefruit bag" for carrying NBC news videotapes during the 2000 presidential primaries 2000-7795

Grover Cleveland's Fishing Flies 2000-7096

Grover Cleveland's Inaugural Ball 72722

Hancock Rooster 96-2889

"Hands that Pick Cotton..." Poster 84-8973

"Happy Days Are Here Again" flag 2000-7796

Harnessing the Airwaves 2001-11

Harry S. Truman's Vacation Shirt 2000-6318

Hat worn by Abraham Lincoln the night he was shot 95-5528

Hats Off to Politics 2001-16

"Have you registered to vote?" poster 96-2810

Helen Thomas' White House Press Pass 2000-7173

Henry Clay's Senate Chair 2000-1250

Herbert Hoover's Fishing Reel 2000-7066

Herbert Hoover's last campaign speech, 1932 75-7714

"Housewives for Nixon/Lodge" poster from the 1964 Presidential Campaign 2000-7781

"How Do You Get an Elephant in a Voting Booth?" poster 96-2836

"Hurrah Lincoln" Torch, 1860 Presidential Campaign 564-107

illustration of man on coin 78-18264

Impeachment of Andrew Johnson LC-USZ62-106849

Inaugural License Plate, 1949 73-10021

Inaugural License Plate, 1957 73-10023

Inaugural Souvenir Ladder 2000-7300

Inauguration Coat worn by Benjamin Harrison 2000-6319

Independence Hall LC-USZ62-9486

Inuagural Plate, 1909 2000-6837

Invitation 2000-7590

Invitation to Abraham Lincoln's Inaugural Ball, 1865 2000-6069

Invitation to inaugural ball for James K. Polk 2000-6292

Invitation to Ride Abraham Lincoln's Funeral Train 2000-6093

Invitation to tribute dinner for William J. Clinton 2000-7786

Invitations to Franklin D. Roosevelt's Birthday Ball 2000-7168

"It's the Economy, Stupid!" button 2000-6353

James Buchanan greeting envoys from Japan LC-USZ62-32022

James Buchanan's memoirs 2000-7585

James K. Polk's Letter Seal 2000-6328

Japanese present to Ulysses and Julia Grant 90-7801

Japanese present to Ulysses and Julia Grant 90-7801

Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase 2001-60

Jimmy Carter Peanut Bank 84-6253

John Dean sits with his wife Maureen during break in his tesifying before Senate Watergate Hearings 2001-74

John Dean's Watergate Testimony Draft 2000-7382

John F. Kennedy lying in state LC-USA7-25504

John F. Kennedy's funeral 73-3670

John Quincy Adams (seated) LC-USZ62-5120

Jug supporting candidate J. Hanson 80-3959

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's Swearing-In Robe 93-13172

Kennedys Game 2000-7101

"King Andrew Jackson" cartoon LC-USZ62-1562

"King Andrew Jackson" cartoon LC-USZ62-1562

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese for Repuplicans or Democrats 2000-7097

Lawrence Spivak (left), host of Meet the Press, 1964 LC-USZ62-115509

LBJ Juice Can 2000-7113

Leather Chaps Worn by Theodore Roosevelt 94-186

Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant LC-B8184-b-36

Life Magazine, Kennedy Assassination 2000-6089

Lincoln being Assassinated LC-USZ62-12426

Lincoln mourning card 2000-6103

Lincoln Mourning Locket 2000-6324

Lincoln's Funeral train "Nashville" LC-USZ62-11964

Lyndon B. Johnson Dartboard Game 2000-7126

Lyndon B. Johnson Dartboard Game 2000-7126

Mary Todd Lincoln's Mourning Scarf Pin 94-6247

Maypole Celebration during Herbert Hoover 's administration LC-F8-42459

Menu for State Dinner honoring Prince Henry of Prussia 98-2112

Miniature Portrait of Martha Washington 89-6826

Model Log Cabin, 1840 Presidential Campaign 94-185

Mount Rushmore LC-USZ62-102201

Mourning Locket for Abraham Lincoln 2000-6323

Mug from the Inauguration of Benjamin Harrison 2000-6850

Musical Program, FDR 2000-6889

National Museum of American History Closing Sign for the Death of John F. Kennedy 2000-6088

NBC Microphone 2000-7105

Nixon-Cox Wedding Press Packet 2000-6894

Nixon-Mao Ping-Pong Set 2000-7099

Note Accompanying Fence Rail Split by Abraham Lincoln 2000-7387

Note Accompanying Fence Rail Split by Abraham Lincoln 2000-7387

Note warning of the assassination of William McKinley 2000-7591

Notice for a meeting to promote William Henry Harrison 96-2832


"One Man One Vote" Flag, 1965 96-2811

Original Teddy Bear 93-7205

Page from Theodore Roosevelt's 1912 speech 2000-6101

Paperweight from the 1973 inaugural committee 2000-6842

Paperweight with the image of Thomas Jefferson 2000-7302

Paperweight with the image of William McKinley 2000-7301

"PATCO" and anti-budget cuts Buttons 2000-7376

Pencil Case featuring presidents 2000-6331

Pennant 2000-7049

Pennant for Inauguration of Herbert Hoover 2000-7051

Pennant for the Inauguration of Lyndon B. Johnson 2000-7053

Pennant for the Inauguration of Woodrow Wilson 2000-7050

Pennant from the Inauguration of Dwight D. Eisenhower 2000-7052

Photo of John Wilkes Booth 2000-6102

Photographers on the White House lawn LC-USZ62-H261-24394

Pillow Cover Promoting President Woodrow Wilson 2000-6354

Pineapple hat worn at the1996 Republican National Convention 97-1404

Pitcher and creamer from The Whig Party's 1840 log-cabin campaign 2000-6341

Place Card For Dinner hosted by Rutherford and Lucy Hayes 2000-6888

Plaster life mask of Abraham Lincoln 2000-7124

Plaster life mask of Abraham Lincoln 2000-7124

Playbill for Ford's Theatre 2000-7003

political cartoon 2000-7789

political cartoon 2000-7790

political cartoon 2000-7377

Portion of Fence Rail Split by Abraham Lincoln 2000-6334

Portion of Fence Rail Split by Abraham Lincoln 2000-6334

Portrait of Senator Henry Clay 2000-6315

Poster of President John F. Kennedy Welcoming Peruvian President Prado 2000-7797

Pot holder with image of Dwight D. Eisenhower 97-8766

President Nixon resigning 2001-73

Press ID from wedding of Luci Johnson 2000-6893

press pass, 1968 Republican National Convention 2000-6298

print of gravestone 2000-6899

Prison Hoods used on "Lincoln Conspirators" 2000-6326

Program for John F. Kennedy's memorial service 2000-6098

Program for the Inaugural Gala of George Bush 2000-6061

Program for the Inauguration of John F. Kennedy 2000-6063

Program for the Inauguration of William J. Clinton 2000-6062

Program for the National Christmas Tree Lighting, 1938 2000-7058

Program from a Dinner for Theodore Roosevelt 2000-7582

Progressive Party button 80-1499

Protecting the President: The United States Secret Service 2001-46

Railroad Station Floor Tile 2000-7303

Railroad timetable for Abraham Lincoln's funeral train 2000-6094

"Reagan in '84" button 2000-6346

Record Album, "Give 'Em Hell, Harry" 2000-7385

Record Album, "The First Family" 2000-7384

"Register Today So You Can Vote for a Better Tomorrow" poster 96-2834

Remaining Accessible to the People 2001-49

Ribbon from the inauguration of George Bush 2000-7055

Rice from the wedding of Luci Johnson 2000-7068

Rifle used by Abraham Lincoln 2000-6336

Robe worn by Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist 2000-6321

Rocking Elephant 96-2877

Scarf worn by Richard M. Nixon at his 1969 Inauguration 2000-7054

Seating Plan for a Dinner Hosted by Rutherford and Lucy Hayes 2000-6883

Senate Desk and Chair, 1870s 2000-1249

Senator Henry Clay's straw hat 94-136

Set for Meet the Press, 1975 2000-1253

Sewing Box with an image of John Quincy Adams 80-1523

Sheet music for Abraham Lincoln's funeral march 2000-6100

Sheet Music for "Abraham, Martin and John" 2000-7388

Sheet music for "Hail to the Chief" 2000-7780

Sheet music for "He Was Your Friend and Mine" 2000-6095

Sheet music for James A. Garfield's funeral march 2000-6085

Sheet Music for "The Unemployment Blues" 2000-7389

Shoes Worn by First Lady Grace Coolidge 2000-6337

"Sigamos La Causa! Registree Para Votar" poster 96-2838

Silk Pajamas Worn by Warren G. Harding 2000-6313

"Sing Out Freedom" poster 2000-7791

Sleeve Cuff Stained With Abraham Lincoln's Blood 2000-2852

Snuff Box 77-8110

Snuff Box with the image of Andrew Jackson 95-7124

Souvenier Seller, c. 1910 LC-D4-43503

Souvenir seller, 1943 LC-USW3-36109-E

Speaker's Lecturn, early 1900s 84-4523


"Stop Abortion Now" Poster 2000-6288

Suffragette protest LC-USZ62-31799

Sun Watch Given to Warren G. Harding in 1921 2000-6347

Table and chairs used at the Confederate surrender at Appomattox 99-5515-7

Tabulating votes with the Univac computer 2000-7763

"Teddy's Teeth" Whistle 2000-7001

TelePrompter Text, 1984 2000-7779

"Thank You , Mr. President" poster for Dwight D. Eisenhower 86-10848

The 1960 Nixon-Kennedy debate studio 84-10773

The attack on James A. Garfeld LC-USZ62-7622

The Calvin Coolidge family LC-F8-26025

The Constitutional Convention LC-USZ62-92869

"The Evening Star" 2000-7800

"The Gift Outright, " by poet Robert Frost 2000-6066

The Inauguration of James Buchanan LC-USZ62-327

The Inauguration of William H. Taft LC-USZ62-7634

The Inauguration of William McKinley LC-USZ62-236

The inauguration of Woodrow Wilson LC-USZ62-215

"The Log Cabin" campaign newspaper, 1840 2000-6901

The Pullman Palace Car Company strike of 1894 LC-USZ62-10546

The Right to Vote 2001-18

The Second Continental Congress LC-USZ62-45328

The Second Continental Congress LC-USZ62-45328

The Sudden Death of FDR 2001-41

The Trans-Lux Theater 78-14193

The White House as Symbol and Home 2001-47

Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir at Yosemite National Park LC-USZ62-8672
Theodore Roosevelt Campaigning LC-USZ62-2898

Theodore Roosevelt Remains "Vigorous" 2001-28

Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Doll 2000-7062

"This speech is costing..." Cartoon LC-USZ62-17269

Thomas Jefferson's Musket 2000-6339

Thomas Jefferson's Polygraph 2000-6343

Ticket for an Inaugural Party for Jimmy Carter 2000-6058

Ticket for Harry S. Truman's 1949 inaugural ball 2000-6064

Ticket to Ford's Theater 2000-6087

Ticket to inaugural ball for Dwight D. Eisenhower 2000-6065

Ticket to inaugural ball for John F. Kennedy 2000-6070

Ticket to inaugural ball for Lyndon B. Johnson 2000-6290

Ticket to inaugural ball for Ronald Reagan 2000-6059

Ticket to inaugural ball for William McKinley 2000-6071

Ticket to the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson 89-8229

Ticket to the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson 89-8229

Ticket to the Inauguration of Franklin D. Roosevelt 2000-6291

Ticket to the Inauguration of John F. Kennedy 2000-6293

Ticket to the inauguration of Ulysses S. Grant 2000-6068

Trowel presented to President Ulysses S. Grant 2000-7110

Truman ties on sale 90-5082

Ulysses S. Grant greeting a Japanese delegation 94-2023

Ulysses S. Grant writing his memoirs LC-USZ62-7607

United States Lines advertisement featuring Harry Truman 2000-6994

"Vote" Tote Bag, 1972 Presidential Election 2000-6342

"Votes for Women" pennant 96-2806

"Votes For Women" ribbon 96-2809

Warren G. Harding speaking outdoors in 1921 LC-USZ62-96012

Warren G. Harding's baseball pass 2000-6896

"We Need 100% Parity" protest sign 2000-7788

Wedding announcement for Grover Cleveland and Frances Folsom 2000-7584

White House Bowling Pin, about 1951 2000-4684

White House Christmas Brochure, 1975 2000-7248

White House Christmas Ornament, 1975 2000-6834

White House Easter Eggs, 1989 and 1991 2000-7121

White House Menu, January 1979 2000-6892

White House Ornament, 1975 2000-6835

White House Secret Service uniform, c. 1970 2000-6340

"WHOSE STREETS/OUR STREETS!" protest sign, 2000 2000-7798

William J. Clinton Halloween Mask 2000-7063

Wine Glass Used by George Washington 2000-6308

"With Rights... Come Responsibilities" poster 2000-7782

Wood beam from the first White House 2000-6831

Woodrow Wilson with his granddaughter LC-USZ62-14398

"Yes 18" button 96-2849

"You're on TV..." pamphlet 86-13990

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