Building a National Collection


Old Masters
in the
New World

Two Early Collectors

Pictures at the Exhibitions

The Artist as Collector

The Schoff Collection

The Ferris Collection

The Sloan Collection


The Curator as Collector

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Building a National Collection
150 Years of Print Collecting at the Smithsonian


Curators: Helena E. Wright, Joan E. Boudreau and R. Stanley Nelson, Graphic Arts Collection, Division of Information Technology and Society
Project Manager: Eleanor Boyne
Exhibition designer: Ann Rossilli
Editor: Nancy G. Brooks
Production: Office of Public Services, Program Production staff
Special assistance: Kathleen Bergen, intern; Lynne Gilliland, Preservation Services; Diane Pryor, Program Production.
Web Design & Production:

Rodney J. van Zyl

The exhibition catalogue is in print and available from national online booksellers.

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