Brian Johnson

Division of Work and Industry

My name is Brian Johnson and I am a junior studying history at Gettysburg College.  Through my studies and a variety of opportunities at Gettysburg, I have been drawn into the public history field.  Working at the NMAH, however, has been by far the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding of my experiences, helping me to not take any day here for granted.  My projects this semester assisting with American Enterprise, a new major exhibition on US business history, have given me an unequaled look into world-class curatorship.  Specific duties during my time here have mostly involved image and artifact research, including a lot of hands-on interaction with Work and Industry artifacts.  I have also spent time working to collect artifacts related to the 2008 housing crisis.  Any student interested in museum work, public history, or even more broadly, American history, should absolutely apply.  There is no better or more exciting way to learn in any of these areas than at the NMAH with its world-renown staff.