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Matthew Skic

Division of Home and Community Life

Matthew is a junior history major at American University where he is the president of the Student Historical Society of American University, a group that looks to engage students in local, national, and university history. His interests include living history demonstrations, 18th century material culture, especially relating to the American Revolution, and military history. Matthew applied to the internship program at the NMAH in order to gain practical experience at a large museum and learn more about what a career at such an institution entails. He is thoroughly enjoying his time as a collections management intern with Associate Curator Tim Winkle in the Division of Home and Community Life. He works with the extensive collections of the Division learning object handling skills, marking techniques, and proper storage methods. Objects he works with include furniture, paintings, and cooking and eating utensils from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. Moving objects to new storage locations is a major component of Matthew’s internship as the NMAH develops new exhibits and completes renovations. In addition, he assists Associate Curator Winkle at a Smithsonian Institution off-site storage facility processing the Cigna firefighting collection. Matthew appreciates all of the guidance and mentoring that his supervisor and other NMAH staff members offer him every day. He considers his internship at the NMAH to be “a unique and rewarding experience, unmatched by any other institution.” Matthew’s future plans include working towards a master’s degree in public history or museum studies, preparing him for an eventual career in museums.