Whitney Fry

Office of External Affairs

Whitney is a graduate student at Georgetown University in the Art and Museum Studies program. Whitney decided to intern at the NMAH because it is where her love of museums and history started. “I remember visiting DC from California in the 5th grade and being so excited to see all the monuments and the White House, but even more so, to take my picture in front of Fonzie’s leather jacket.” While she spent her undergraduate time in San Francisco and worked on various websites, she was drawn back to DC. “I wanted to live in a place with history, and museums and always something new to do.” When she moved here the first thing she did was sign up for training to be a volunteer specialist and has volunteered at the front desk of the Museum every other Sunday for the past three years. This helped her realize that what she wants to do in life is continue to work in a museum, and expand on her knowledge of the NMAH by interning here. Whitney interns in the development department where she works with both the individual and corporate donors. “I’ve learned so much in such a short time being here, and they really allow me to do real work, it’s not the stuffing of envelopes type internship I had in college.” So far Whitney has written grant proposals, stewardship reports, donor letters and more. “I enjoy development because you get to talk to a lot of people in the  museum, and hopefully with funding help them realize their goals.