Erin Lau

Division of Culture and the Arts

Erin Lau is pursuing her B.A. in Film Production at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Hawaii. Erin is currently an intern under curator John Hasse for the American Music Department. Erin’s internship focuses on producing a marketing video piece for the Smithsonian Music Group, which would be an overview of music at the Smithsonian- collections, research, public programs, performances, etc. From shooting interviews with curators to collaborating with different museums across the entire Smithsonian Institution, she feels this project has been a perfect fit for her, due to her background and love of film as well as the opportunity to meet new people and expand her horizon. She is also working on episodes for a short pilot series, “Ask a Curator,” which will consist of interviews with curators and the fascinating artifacts and projects they’ve worked on in the Smithsonian.

She has also had the pleasure of attending free jazz concerts and receptions, meeting historic Jazz figures (Ex: Jimmy Heath), attending educational seminars, and catching glimpses behind-the-scenes of old and priceless musical objects. Erin shares, ”Before this internship, I adored Jazz, but the experiences and education I’ve received being in this setting has altogether grown my love and understanding of how significant and amazing jazz really is for the American Culture.” Her internship and even the city of Washington D.C. has exposed her to an amazing life style and world that she could never have imagined a year ago. Every day is a new adventure that she can look forward too.